Online Laser Safety Officer training according to OStrV (Germany) 13.06.2023
Online Kurs / Termin
Lichttechnik, Pyro/Laser, Sicherheit

Laser Safety seminar to obtain the expertise according to the requirements from OStrV and TROS.
The training course is structured in accordance with the requirements of the OStrV in conjunction with Section 5.2.2 f of the TROS – General Section (Technical Rules for the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance on Artificial Optical Radiation) and the international standard IEC 60825-1.
Also suitable for refresher training (Technical Rules for the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation on Artificial Optical Radiation (TROS) 07/2018 in § 5.1 (2) para. 2: Every 5 years)

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