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Ayrton Eurus Profile on tour with Kontra K

Berlin-based Kontra K, the street-smart German rapper who tops the German hip-hop scene, has toured arenas across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg throughout February and March.

Lighting designer, Marcus Herzog, specified 112 Ayrton Eurus Profile fixtures for his dramatic and highly dynamic lighting design on a stage designed by Kriss Hinrichsen for this special tour. The Eurus Profiles were provided by the tour’s lighting supplier, BBM Clair.

Herzog explain why they chose the Eurus Profile for his very unusual design which involved a number of automated overhead lighting pods and video walls, as well as more conventional lighting positions: “We decided on the Eurus because of the exceptionally high light output and the flexibility of the lamp,” he explains.

“The majority of the fixtures are installed in six pods, which are arranged in a semi-circular arch above the stage. We also have a back truss across the entire width of the stage to give the artist backlight and to frame the video images.

“The floor set consists of 18 Eurus within the set, distributed on the stage to create as much dynamism as possible. We have a semi-circle of 18 more Eurus Profiles in front of the stage to provide front light and create large looks, and we also use additional Eurus in the audience trusses and as a special effect on our B stage. It’s a very exciting moment in the show when the pods are used for the first time. Then you see immediately, exactly how big this stage and the lighting set is!”

Some particular features of the Eurus stood out for Herzog and his team: “The framing system is one of my favourite features,” he says. “The zoom range is also impressive and a very useful tool. And we were amazed and happy that the fixtures had no problems coping with the different angles of the pods, and the massive exposure to pyro dust!

“I am happy to have such a professional company as Ayrton by my side – their employees are always approachable and always have solutions at the ready. I am personally a big fan of Ayrton products and intend to use them in my future productions.”

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